Thursday, 5 February 2009

Copy Crush

Render based on the story "The Little Bitch" written by Jonoffen. Balls trapped in copymachine and crushed by Whitney weight!

[...]‘No wonder you blacked out,’ she said finally, spinning the scan around. ‘Look!’ I took a fleeting glance at it to spare myself the horror of the mushy mesh, but all I made out was a thick rod and two healthy looking orbs. ‘I got you balls too!’ she said happily. ‘This is better than thought!’...

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  1. Oh man one of your finest works!!! You keep getting better and better with every new cg

  2. Wicked job, Royeks! This is one of my favorite stories from Jonoffen, and my baggering him for butt crushing stories may have inspired him to write it. As always, I love your work and keep it up!

  3. Holy crap, mate. Why didn't you tell me about this render? It's fantastic!

  4. Well i don't like the blood but otherwise it's nice.

    I'd like to see other version of this picture that has only his balls under the top part.

    And maybe some other pictures as well where woman is standing near (or behind) him and pressing down the top part of copy machine as hard as she can. I love the idea where woman is using this kind of machine to crush man's balls. Nasty smile on her face would complete the set. Oh yes.

  5. hello! the blog has been closed ...for violating the terms? also the link is wrong, it has your url before the ballbustingstories blog url